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Khor Virap - Noravanq - Qarahunj - Devil's Bridge - Tatev



 During the tour we will visit monastery-castle Khor Virap constructed in XVII century. This is one of the most popular destinations in Armenia for a number of reasons, primarily because it is where  St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned.  The Noravanq will be our next destination. It is a 13th-century Armenian monastery located in Vayots Dzor region - 3 km north-east from the village Amaghu. After exploring the Noravanq we will visit the Qarahunj (also known as Karahunj, Carahunge or Zorats Qarer). It is a prehistoric archaeological site near the town of Sisian in the Syunik region of Armenia. Qarahunj is the world's oldest astronomical observatory. Our next destination is canyon of the river Vorotan where we'll enjoy the beauty of Devil's bridge and we'll make our last stop in Monastery Tatev. The monastery is the best-known site in Syunik. Here you can also enjoy the  Wings of Tatev, a cableway from Tatev to Halidzor village. It is the World's longest non-stop double track cable car.

Price: 9000 AMD


Noravanq - Waterfall Shaqe - Devil's Bridge - Tatev




 During the tour we will visit 13th-century Armenian monastery Noravanq located in Vayots Dzor region. Then we'll go to the Waterfall Shaqe which is situated near the town of Sisian on the left side of the river Vorotan's gorge.  After enjoying the beauty of the  waterfall and surrounding nature we'll continue our tour to Devil's bridge. It is natural bridge in the gorge of river Vorotan on the east side of the village Tatev. Our last destination will be the Monastery Tatev where you'll have a chance to travel using the World's longest non-stop double track cable car and enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding the Monastery from the air.


Price: 9000 AMD


Dilijan - Lake Parz - Haghartsin - Goshavanq





 During the tour we will first visit the Dilijan spa town, then after the short break we'll continue our tour. Before visiting the nearest architectural monuments we'll make a stop at Lake Parz to enjoy the lake and beauty of the surrounding nature. Then we'll move to Haghartsin monastery which was built in 10-13 centuries and we'll make our last stop in Goshavanq.


Price: 3500 AMD



Makaravanq - New Varagavanq - Srvegh




During the tour we will visit monastery complexes in Tavush region of Armenia. We'll make our first stop in 13 century monastery complex called Makaravanq. Despite the size of the monastery, the design of the complex makes the church enter the list of most important monuments of the country. After exploring the monastery we'll continue our tour to the monastery complex New Varagavanq and will make our last stop in monastery Srvegh located in 3km from village Aygehovit of Tavush region.


Price: 6000 AMD 


 Sanahin - Haghpat - Akhtala



During the tour we will visit Sanahin monastery,  which is one of famous Armenian religious and cultural centers of 10th century. After exploring Sanahin  monastery we'll visit another famous religious center of middle ages. That is the Haghpat monastery, which is also famous with its unique architecture. Sayat Nova, one of greatest Armenian musicians, has spent his last days working in Haghpat. 

And we'll make our last stop in Akhtala by visiting monastery and castle.


Price: 4500 AMD


Mastara - Talin - Aruch - Amberd - Aghtsk


During the tour we'll visit famous historical and cultural places of Aragatsotn province. First, we'll visit one of most ancient and perfect buildings of Medieval Armenia – the church of St. Hovhannes built in 5th century in Mastara, then we'll head to Talin. There we'll visit the 7th century Catholic Church, which in some sources mentioned also as a Great Temple of Talin. Our next stop will be Aruch caravanserai built in 13th century. This roadside hotel was located on the road connecting medieval cities Ani and Dvin, which was part of the Silk Road. From there we will head to the medieval town and fortress Amberd located in historic Aragatsotn province. Our trip will end at the Arshakounides mausoleum in Aghtsk.

Price: 3500 AMD


Amberd - Oshakan - Etchmiadzin




 During the tour we will first visit the fortress Amberd. Amberd is a 7th-century fortress located 7 km far from the village of Byurakan on the slopes of Mount Aragats in the province of Aragatsotn, Armenia. We will make our next stop in Oshakan and finish our tour in Etchmiadzin. Here we'll visit the The Etchmiadzin Cathedral which is the Mother Church of the Armenian Apostolic Church.


Price: 3500 AMD


Marmashen - Harich - Yereruyq




During the tour we will first visit Armenian monastic complex Marmashen located south-west of the village of Vahramaberd, on the left side of the river Akhuryan in the Shirak region of Armenia. Then we'll continue our tour to the monastery in Harich and will finish our tour in Yereruyq located on the left side of the river Akhuryan near the village Anipemza. It was constructed in early 4-5 centuries and now it's only partly survived.


Price: 2500 AMD 


Garni - Geghard



 During the tour we will visit Garni temple. It is a first century Hellenic temple near village Garni, Armenia. It is the only pagan temple in Armenia that survived the Christianization. And, our next destination will be the Monastery Geghard. It is a unique architectural construction in the Kotayk province of Armenia, being partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. The famous spear which had wounded Jesus had been stored here.


Price: 4000 AMD






During the tour we will visit Lastiver a wonderful place in the region of Tavush, 3 kms away from the village called Yenokavan. This is a small paradise in the region.  Here you can enjoy the caves, the gorge of the river Khachaghbyur, the waterfalls and the fresh air of the forests.


Price: 4000 AMD





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