Vardzia cave town is located 18 km far from Akhalkalaki, Javakhk. The city was founded in XII - XIII centuries during the reign of George III and his daughter Queen Tamara. Vardzia - is not just cave shelter inside the cliff. It is a big complex with streets, tunnels and staircases leading to monasteries, temples, castles, baths, libraries, residential buildings, etc. In total over 600 rooms are counted connected by passages that extend along 800 meters long, in 50 meters depth.

In case of enemy attack the cave city became a refuge for inhabitants and could accommodate up to 20,000 people. The cave complex also performed spiritual function - as a Christian monastery is carved in the city center, where fragments of wonderful frescoes of the XII century representing King George III and Queen Tamar are preserved.


  • Vardzia Region in Georgia.
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