New Varagavank

Monastery new Varagavanq is located about 2km south-west from village Varagavan in Tavush province of Armenia. The monastery was founded by prince David Kyurikian in 1193-1198. First there was built single nave church with two altars, then in 1200 Kyurikian's ancestral burial vault was attached to the church from the north. Later single-nave chapel was attached to the church from the south.

In 1224-1237 church Holy Mother of God wa s built in the northern part of the monastery by David's son Vasak II. The architect of the church was Gazan Anetsi. The church which is rectangular from the outside and cruciform inside has four side-chapels. It's crowned with a dome on a cylindrical drum. The church has two entrances - from the south and from the west. Decoration of the southern entrance is rather original and not typical to the Armenian medieval culture. Dark-violet and light-blue stones in forms of stars, diamonds and hexahedrons are laid in a mosaic way. Zoomorphic and plant ornaments are carved on the stones.


  • Tavush Region in New Varagavank.
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