Makaravank is situated on the slope of mountain Paitatap not far from the Achadjur village in Tavush region of Armenia.

The monastery is one of the important architectural monuments of medieval Armenia. All the constructions of the monastic complex are built of red tufa stone, pink andesite and greenish stones. The monastic complex consists of 3 churches and a porch. There is a spring, a vaulted gate, 2 ancient cemeteries and ruins of utility rooms on the territory of the monastery.

The main church of Makaravank was built in 1205.

The church is rectangular outside and a cruciform, domed hall inside. There are two-storey side chapels at the right and left corners of the altar.

The interior is generously decorated with highly artistic works of the Armenian medieval sculptors. The ornaments having shapes of octagon stars and octahedrons with carved bas-reliefs depicting mythic creatures, birds, fish and heroes from the Bible are genuine masterpieces of the Armenian art.


  • Tavush Region in Armenia.
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