For the people of Artsakh the monument, embodying folk wisdom and ancient Christian traditions, is Gandzasar (the mount of treasures), the monastery, proudly standing on the high hill at the left bank of the river Khachen. People call Gandzasar in different ways - “the greatest miracle of the Armenian architecture”, “church similar to the heaven’s cupola church”, “ perfect creation”, but no language is perfect to describe this truly grand sight.

The construction of the monastery was initiated in 1216 and was finished in 1238. The inscription on the church runs: « In the name of Holy Trinity, Father and Son and Holy Spirit commanded me to carve my inscription, God’s servant Jalal Dola Hasan, son of Vakhtang, grandson of Great Hasan, the lord of high and great land of Artsakh, king of Khokhanaberd with its vast provinces».

The famous Byzantologist of the beginning of the last century, professor of Sorbonne University in Paris, Charles Dill, considered Gandzasar the third of five Armenian monuments included in the treasury of world culture and architecture.


  • Gandzasar Region in Artsakh.
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